BAND NAME: Mystic Winter
GENRE: Raw Unblack Metal / Experimental
STATUS: Active

Update 31 August: The band is still active, and working on an EP.

Formed in early 2018.

Asaph (Haloed Patriots/Theophilus A.D.) - Vocals, Drum programming, Lyrics
Asher (Haloed Patriots/Theophilus A.D.) - Guitars, Bass

Unofficial links:


Withered (single, 30 March, 2018, The Bearded Dragon Productions)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

Mixing by Mason Beard.

1) Withered
2:46, lyrics:
This is a broken world!

This place
That we once called home
Has become withered
And decayed

Withered and broken
Desolate and smoking
We've been thrown against the wall
This could be our downfall

Our God in Heaven
Help us
Our world is broken and withered
You created it, amazing and beautiful
We have destroyed it, we've lost our way
Come, my God
Come down
What You have created
And fix our mistakes

Forgive us Lord
We've killed Your creation
We murdered Your Son
Our world is broken

The trees have become withered
The leaves has decayed
My life has become dismay
Out of hate

And decayed


Tergiversating Blasphemies (EP, UPCOMING RELEASE)

More info will be added as it becomes available! All info here so far taken directly from The Bearded Dragon Productions.

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