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BAND NAME: Batyushka (Батюшка)
GENRE: Unblack Metal with Post-Black/Atmospheric/Melodic Elements
STATUS: Active

Note: The photo on their Bandcamp is not a band photo. It's used several other places online.

Lineup supposedly consists of real Orthodox Christian priests living in Russia. They took issue with the Polish "Batushka" using Christian/Orthodox imagery and themes in their music, and started a "true БАТЮШКА band formed by the orthodox priests from Russia. We are not some bunch of larping posers, but true christians."

I have no idea if this is true, or if this is a parody band. (More than likely, it's just a parody.) But until there's some sort of proof to the contrary, ... I guess this page will stay?...

Specific names and roles are not given.



Батюшка / Self-Titled (album, 12 September, 2019, Independent)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

About this, the band writes on Bandcamp:
"The album is our first public release and is a compilation that consists some of our old songs originally written back in 2005 and rearranged/remastered in 2019."

As with all things relating to this band, I have no idea if this is true, or if it's part of a gimmick.

1) Песнь 1 (Молитва)
3:54, lyrics unknown

2) Песнь 2
6:27, instrumental

3) Песнь 3
6:27, instrumental

4) Песнь 4
5:35, instrumental

5) Песнь 5
5:56, instrumental

6) Песнь 6
4:18, instrumental

7) Песнь 7
3:50, instrumental

8) Песнь 8
4:23, instrumental

 Апостол (album, 14 September, 2019, Independent)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

All songs on this album are instrumental.
1) Зажженная свеча 4:18
2) Воины Христа
3) Памяти усопших
4) Славься, Господь!
5) Отрекшиеся от Христа
6) Апостол
7) Свечение
8) Покаяние

Lyrics to "Песнь 1 (Молитва)".


BAND NAME: Aristaeus
GENRE: Gothic Unblack Metal
STATUS: Unknown
LOCATION: International (USA / Norway)

Active members do not identify as Christian.

It seems most members are/were based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but  Bjørn lived in Norway.

For the black and white picture, Heztael is on the left, but I'm not sure who's on the right. For the color picture, one is Heztael and the other is Killian, but I'm not sure who's who.

As of 2015, the band had begun working on some non-Christian music, but there have been no updates for almost 4 years.

Years active:
May have started as Akeldama in 1995.
Mournful Vengeance 1999-2001
Aristaeus 2001-????, 2015-????

Heztael Tyrot - Vocals
Killian Thorn - Guitars, Drums, Keyboards
Bjørn Tunsberg - Guitars, Vocals
Note: The only certain band member is Killian. I'm not sure if Heztael or Bjørn are still in the band or not?...

Past members:
Vlad - Bass
Tommy Chaos - Bass
Bane Ba'al - Guitars
Dani Lynch - Keyboards
Lord von Usvart - Keyboards
Marshall - Drums

Official site @ archive.org (phpnet, only 2 pages work)
archive.org link that doesn't work (freewebs)


Beyond the Tides (demo, 2001, Independent)
Format unknown

Also supposedly released in 2000 under their old band name, but I haven't been able to verify that yet.

1) Summer's Over 3:54
2) Beyond the Tides
3) Carneilian Sky

The Raven King (EP, 9 November, 2006, Gud er Sannhet Records)
Format: CD-R, limited (???) copies

1) The Raven King
2) The Battle
3) In the Black Garden
4) Burial
5) A New Dawn
6) untitled (bonus)
7) untitled (bonus)
8) untitled (bonus)

 Winterhordes of the Whitethrone (split, 2008, EEE Records)
Format: CD-R

Split with Old Memories and Mirtharoth.

It's "housed in a white eco-wallet with 4-panel booklet", according to EEE's old site.

1) Aristaeus - Winterhordes ov the Whitethrone
track length unknown

2) Aristaeus - Deathlike Silence


3) Aristaeus - Carneilian Sky (2007)
4:53, lyrics:
Beneath the glow
of a crimson moon
shining down
from a carneilian sky
pagan songs fill the air
on this most ominous night

Spellbound by Lucifer
The rejected of the most high
All the nations, dance to the devil's

Beneath the glow
of a crimson moon
shining down
from a carneilian sky
pagan songs fill the air
on this most ominous night

See the martyrs of The Lamb
Hear their holy cries
They were not defiled by Satan
For their testimony... They choose to DIE!

The Forgotten Path / ??? (split, NOT SURE IF RELEASED)

Planned split with Old Memories. Aristaeus' half was called "The Forgotten Path". Not sure what Old Memories' half was supposed to be called.

Tracklist unknown.


1) There's a song mentioned on Myspace called "Ancestral Ghost".
Apparently had vocals, guitars, and some acoustic parts, but no other details are available.
Doesn't seem to have been released.

2) There are a few instances (like on this shirt design) of the phrase "Within the Sorrow of Funeral Winds". I don't know if this was supposed to be the name of a release, or...?

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages
1) Missing track lengths. 2) Missing lyrics. 3) Format info for "Beyond the Tides". 4) How many copies were made of "The Raven King"? 5) Up-to-date lineup info. 6) More info on "Ancestral Ghost" and "Within the Sorrow of Funeral Winds". 7) More info on the split with Old Memories.
Pretty much all of them.

Miscellaneous stuff:

Left: Alternate logo
Middle: Unused artwork for "The Raven King", from Everdark Promotions
Right: Image from Myspace

Left: Alternate logo
Right: Image from Myspace. Seems to be a header of sorts?


Left to right, both images: Lord Malachi, Killian Thorn, Bane Ra'am, Dani Lynch, Lord von Usvart

BAND NAME: Mournful Vengeance
GENRE: Gothic Unblack/Death Metal
STATUS: Changed name
(Unknown under new name, Aristaeus)
LOCATION: USA ("around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area")

Some band members no longer identify as Christian.

Some members were previously in Akeldama, but I'm not sure if that's a previous name of this band, or if it was a different band altogether. Anyway, Mournful Vengeance started in 1999 and changed their name to Aristaeus in 2001.

Lord Gideon - Vocals (growls)
Bane Ra'am - Guitars
Vlad Serene - Bass
Lord von Usvart - "A little of everything" / Unknown
Killian Thorn - Unknown
Lord Malachi - Unknown
Dani Lynch - Unknown


Beyond the Tides (demo, NOT SURE IF RELEASED)
Format unknown

This demo was released in 2001 after the name change. However, it was also [supposedly] [released] back in 2000, under the name Mournful Vengeance.

The original filename for the cover art is "mournfulfrntcd.jpg" so I assume the format was, or would have been, a CD?

1) Summer's Over 3:54
2) Beyond the Tides
3) Carneilian Sky


Chapter 6 (demo, NOT SURE IF RELEASED)
Format unknown

Planned to be released on some sort of physical format in October, 1999.
"Taken from Revelations, it is a concept project with heavily layered keyboards and melodic guitars. However due to lack of good production we urge you not to judge too harshly."

On their old website, there are links (that don't work) for the songs from their other demo... but if you look at the URLs for these songs, different song names are listed, one of which is "chaptersix". It seems these are the track titles for Chapter 6, but I'm not entirely sure.

1) Enchained
2) Chapter Six
3) Darkened Sun

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages, UncertainInfo, NotOnMA
1) Are these, indeed, the correct tracks for "Chapter Six"? 2) Was either demo released? 3) Missing lineup info. 4) Lyrics? 5) What exactly is this band's connection to Akeldama? Are they two different names for the same band, or are they two different bands?
All of them!

AKELDAMA (Mournful Vengeance / Aristaeus ???)

NOTE: This page is about a band from 1995 that later switched to un/black metal. Not to be confused with several other bands, also named "Akeldama"!

[logo not available]

BAND NAME: Akeldama
GENRE: Death Metal "that incorporated keyboards" (early?)
STATUS: Split-up / ???
LOCATION: USA (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

At least one member no longer identifies as Christian.

Formed in 1995. Landed a deal with "Cue Last Image Records", but internal disputes with the label, and among band members themselves, prevented anything further from happening. The band stopped being active between 1995 and 1996 when they went their separate ways.

They reformed and started "Mournful Vengeance" in 1999, but I'm not sure if that band is meant to be a continuation of this one, or if they're meant to be two entirely separate bands.

They also stopped playing death metal and took on a more black metal sound, but I'm not sure if that happened before or after they stopped using the name Akeldama.

Killian Thorn - Vocals, Guitars
Lord Gideon - "All Vocals"

Discography unknown.

IncompletePage, NotOnMA
1) How could Lord Gideon do "all vocals" if Killian was also doing vocals??


BAND NAME: Gøatherdr (Goatherdr)
GENRE: Unblack Metal with Heavy/Thrash Influences
STATUS: Active

Formed in early 2019 as Goatherder. After discovering another band with the same name, they changed it to Gøatherdr.

The band wishes to state that "we hold fast to regenerative agriculture and see that industrial farming and messing with genetics is a treason against the Creation and its Creator."

Jedediah - Guitars
Joseph - Guitars
Jeremy - Drums



So far, only a few rehearsal clips on Facebook.
- "Hacked to Bits"
(based on Hebrews 4:12)

- A few untitled clips:
[1], [2], [3], [4], [5]

Also, the lyrics to a song called "Pioneer" have been shared on Facebook:
Inside the Temple, kept so sterile,
A black mass in clean white coats,
Begins a secret ritual.
This upside down of holy,
a ceremony,
To oppose,
The very One behind All.
Innocent lives,
mutilated animals,
Plant based chimeras,
set upon the alter table,
Electrodes become the dagger,
Test tubes become the chalice,
and a desperate act of Darkness,
performed with surgical malice.
All is quiet,
Save the chant of electricity,
All is set accordingly
to the sigils made of silicon.

They are not Pioneers,
they only channel the gods of perversion,
Here we see the Round Up,
of demonical lusts and ambition.

For now, they reign as kings,
Priest class to the Broken One,
They say they will live as gods,
but they will die as any man.

Upon thunderclouds, shall come a Call,
So loud the earth trembles,
This the Animals, Flora, and Saints will answer,
Overturning the upside down,

The white coats of the wicked,
will run red with the blood of those they enslaved,
And this blood will testify against them, in damning reverberations.

You are not a Pioneer.
You are a counterfeit.
You cannot keep playing God.
For a final Round Up is coming,
And in flames, shall thy narcissistic wisdom,

Will forever abide.



Left to right: Ramon, Justin, Robert

BAND NAME: Oh, the Depth
GENRE: Blackened Deathcore with Symphonic Influences
STATUS: Active
LOCATION: USA (Houston, Texas)

Birdy - Vocals
Justin- Guitars
Robert - Bass
Ramon - Drums



Nail-Scarred Feet (single, 15 March, 2019, Independent)
Format: Digital / YouTube

Guest appearances:
Carol Lydia Cabrero - Keyboards

1) Nail-Scarred Feet
5:02, lyrics:
I realize now I’m my own worst enemy

Here we go again
Where the waves come crashing down on this house of mine
Lies inside
fueled by fear and being fanned by pride
I cannot deny
So full of me, an empty hole
Promoting thoughts of turning back
So sick of me, oh so sick of me
I just can’t go back, no I can’t turn back
Hard to see how truth can break me free
Do I choose injustice or choose His nail-scarred feet
Oh the battle of my aching soul
I realize now I’m my own worst enemy
When will I decrease
Come reign oh Prince of Peace
Your love remains as the seasons change
This is my true heart cry
As I scream to the sky

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Take me by the hand
Pull me out of this darkness
Bring me to your ways
Teach me how to rid this hate
I am but a man
Who lives inside of his own head
Imprisoned by his memories
I am my own worst enemy

Now I see how truth will set me free
Why choose injustice
When all I see is You in me
Clear the smoke screens that blind my heart
Take me to His nature something I cannot do
When will I decrease
Come reign oh Prince of Peace
Your love remains as the seasons change
Use this valley of death for my own good

“I sank down to the very roots of the mountains. I was imprisoned in the Earth, whose gates lock shut forever. But you, O Lord my God, snatched me from the jaws of death!”

When will I decrease
Come reign oh Prince of Peace

When will I decrease
Come reign oh Prince of Peace



BAND NAME: Mindgames
GENRE: Depressive Unblack Metal
STATUS: Active
LOCATION: USA (Russellville, Alabama)

Nocturnal Servant - All instruments, Vocals


Pity in Silence (single, 16 August, 2019, The Bearded Dragon Productions)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

1) Pity in Silence 5:41



[logo not available]

BAND NAME: Arkthrone
GENRE: Raw Unblack Metal
STATUS: Active

Kenneth Holsen - All instruments, Vocals


Hymns of the Blackest Light, Volume 3 (compilation, UPCOMING, Christian Metal Underground)
Formats: CD and Bandcamp
Pre-Order the CD (OFFICIAL)
Pre-Order download (OFFICIAL)

2) Arkthrone - Spiritual Hunger 8:37



BAND NAME: Ambianicnoise
GENRE: Experimental HNW / Harsh Noise Wall / Noise Black Metal
STATUS: Active

Added here based on the Transilvanian Hunger EP.
All other releases are non-metal, noise-oriented music.
Previously featured on [this page] before being given its own page.

Kenneth "Nattesorg" Holsen - All instruments



Land of the Unknown Creatures (album, 17 March, 2019, Naorg Production)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp

1) Land of the Unknown Creatures 44:54

Nosral Noise (compilation, 4 April, 2019, Nosral Recordings)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

Written on the artwork:
"Nosral Recordings presents
Nosral Noise
A compilation of noise and ambience to glorify Jesus Christ"

9) Ambianicnoise - They Live in the Forest 9:26

Cold Dark Forest (split)

26 September, 2018, Naorg Production, Bandcamp
October, 2018, Naorg Production, CD (sleeve) + CD (jewel case)
31 January, 2019, Naorg Production, CD
NOTE: Ambianicnoise only appears on the Bandcamp version.

8) Ambianicnoise - Land of the Unknown Creatures 44:54 (bonus track)

Dark Forest of the Living Noise (album)

11 July, 2019, Naorg Production, Bandcamp, link expired
July, 2019, Naorg Production, CD (sleeve)
16 August, 2019, Skull Hill Recordings, Bandcamp

Note: For the "Skull Hill" version, the song is split into two parts, each 28:36. This is done sometimes, especially with noise recordings, because of Bandcamp's file size limits.

1) Dark Forest of the Living Noise 57:13

Transilvanian Hunger (EP, 11 August, 2019, Naorg Production)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp

All songs were instrumental.

1) Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover) 6:35
2) Cold Winter Night 6:49
3) Transilvanian Hunger (no drums) 6:35
4) Cold Winter Night (no drums) 6:49

Light and Darkness (album, 16 August, 2019, Skull Hill Recordings)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

1) In My Forest 17:10
2) The Wind
3) Light and Darkness
4) Living Noise
5) Near Future



BAND NAME: Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus
GENRE: Blackened Heavy / Doom Metal
STATUS: Active
LOCATION: Malta (Marsaskala / Wied il-Għajn)

Primarily, this band deals with medieval history (the Templar, battles, etc), not Christianity in the traditional "unblack" sense of worship lyrics, killing demons, etc. More specifically, Albert has told me the following about the band: "As I have often explained in my interviews, the first three Sacro Sanctus albums focus on the trails and tribulations of the Knights Templar [. . .] Of course, as you know the Templars where the vanguard of the Christian crusaders so some songs are very Christian themed such as "To Die for the Cross" on the new album... Since I am Christian, I guess you could argue that it is a Christian project and documented from the eyes of a Christian...however, it is intended as principally a historical project."

Formed in 2011.
Officially referred to as "Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus", but sometimes shortened to just "Sacro Sanctus".

Albert Bell - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Owen Grech - Guitars (lead)
Steve Lombardo - Drums



Compendium of Metal Vol. 7 (compilation, 25 April, 2014, Metal on Metal Records)
Format: CD

7) Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus - The Tears of Ishtar 8:04, see below for lyrics

Deus Volt (album, 14 November, 2014, Metal on Metal Records)
Formats: CD and Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

Guest appearances:
Alexia Baldacchino - Vocals (female, track 2)
David Vella - Keyboards, Effects (additional)
Robert Spiteri - Drums

1) The Tears of Ishtar
8:04, lyrics:
Arise keepers of
the witching night
Sons of the
stillborn moon
Awake from your
unearthly tomb

Demon winds
will guide us
Osiris beside us
We come to avenge
the tears of Ishtar

We seek passage through
the gates of Amenti
Giving praise to
the nameless
We are the guardians of
the secrets of athanor

We have voyaged
through the valleys
of the Euphrates
to the seas of Hades
The tablets of the storm
Gods to us are bethrode

We bathe in the blood
of the naysayer
We are the children
of Chaldea
The talisman in our
hands forever to hold

Chaos mother,
oh tempestuous one!
We bow to no other,
before you
there are none
Queen of the
primordial deep
we beseech,
heed our call

Heed our call!
Our enemies to fall!

Samas before us
Sin behind us
we may thread

Our blade
you will dread!

(Verses 1-3)

In the name of
our fathers
accept these gifts
of salt and azoth
Oh Tiamat!
Crush our foes coming
from the north


Let our paths be blessed
Where ever they may be
Thy power
we shall proclaim
and do thy service
We are thy slave
Your slave...

2) Arcana Imperii
6:36, lyrics:
We evoke the creatrix,
seed of mankind
Six candles alight,
giving sight to the blind
We drink from
the spring of
the sanctified fire
Blessed by Astarte,
our purifier

Wanton demon succubi
wail in trance
Fornicating to the scent
of burning incense

To the monarch of olde,
we pledge our souls
He glides through
the fire mists
with wings of gold
Traversing the
sunless seas of war
The hearth of darkness
from aeons afore

Sacred mystical
papyri in our hands
Before your eyes,
like demigods we stand

Arcana imperii
Invisible power
Giving us stealth
De culto mysterii
Unbound wealth
Nimis on our right hand
Nergal on our left

Father of the
glorious crown
Ruler of god and man
Liege of the seasons
and the stars
Our harvests,
your emanations

Supreme and unknowable
You are the heaven
at night
You are the spring sun
The air of life

Primeval force
of creation
Perdition and damnation
Absolute, beyond time
Rise for
your coronation

Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise!


3) Beatification of the Dead
5:34, lyrics:
Merciful Nannar,
lord god sin
Son of Ea,
master of origin
Your steeds wake
to the crack of
your thunderstone
Breathing fire,
life to the mire,
turning dust to bone
...to bone!

Unknown, unborn,
alive, undead
For thee our blood
we will shed

Steadfast and constant
as the foremost star
Usurping the ghost,
the spectre of
the elder god Anshar
The seven winds of
Merodach howl ablaze
As we ride through
the shadows of
the nocturne's gaze

Primal, obscure,
triumphant, supreme
A terror untold, unseen

He guards the passage
to the haven of rest
Beatifying our
warrior dead
To thee we call,
join our congregation
Bringer of pain
and indignation

The blood of the tyrant
kings will be spilled
By the slayer of
the tempest god
Victory is near,
our magick you fear
Damned in hell
you shall be for
what you sought

Unshackled, uncaged,
wild, untamed
A plague of evil

He guards the passage
to the haven of rest
Beatifying the dead
in Atet and Sektet
Join our congregation
Enter the circle
of conjuration

Indignation! Pain!
Evil untamed!
Evil unchained!

Divination, black magic,
We unlock the key
to the seven tablets
of destiny
Incantations of
arcane lore
The book of fate
our weapon of war
the destroyer,
the storm wind queen
Spawn of the
nine worms of Amenti

Unknown, unborn,
alive, undead
For thee our blood
we will shed

He guards the passage
to the haven of rest
Beatifying our
warrior dead
To thee we call,
join our congregation
Enter the circle
of conjuration

4) Ordo Templaris
7:43, lyrics:
The cross on their aegis
through the ages
The march of the valiant
lords and sages

Falchion and flail
Holders of the grail
Fates wrought by steel
The crescent heathen
hordes will kneel

Pious and pure
The Holy Land
their allure
Standing without equal
Ordo Templaris

Fists clenched high
To the glory of God
Their battle cry
Defenders of the shroud
Audax et Fortis

The colours of defiance
hoisted across the sands
The blood of
sworn enemies
on desert beaten hands

Crucifix and sword
Valour forever sworn
Legions of the Saviour
Ordo Templaris

Treachery scorned
Death never mourned
In the eye of the storm
Virtutis et Sanctis

Non nobis Domine,
Non nobis, sed nomini tuo
Da gloriam, non nobis
Domine, non nobis,
Domine dirige nos

Ad tuo da gloriam!
Domine dirige nos!
A cruce salus!
Alea iact a est!

Pounding and crushing,
killing and maiming
Flagellum dei
Sacro sanctus,
morior invictus
The armies of the
gryphon their prey

They will cut you down
Sever your heads
and frown
The jewel of
the church's crown
Emissaries of Rome,
shielding the throne
Hear their death tone

They're gonna
cut you down!

They will not yield,
no defeat, no surrender,
no retreat
The final stand,
axe and mace in hand
The honour of
Christendom to defend


5) At the Horns of Hattin
6:45, lyrics:
The crescent rises
Druze forces unite
Seizing the springs
of Turan
The Sephorians' plight

Noosing the
humble Eschiva
The queen of Galilee
The Christian
armies defeated
Feud and flee

At the sound of
clapping thunder
Beguiled by
the art of war
Crusaders torn asunder
How they fall

One by one they fall!
How they fall!

The scimitars gleam
in the shadow
of the horns
Hell at Tiberias
an empire forlorn

(Rogate quae ad pacem
sunt Jerusalem)

Their screams resounded
across the
Christian lands
A third crusade mounted
to redeem Hattin's sands

(Gloria Patri et Filio
et Spiritui Sancto,
sicut erat in principio
et nunc et semper)

Encircled by smoke fires
Pelted by a deluge
of misery
The Edessan battle
lines trampled
by fearless cavalry

Assailing the true cross
Rebuking the one belief
The prince of Rome
Stricken with grief

A truce betrayed
by the king of Ibelin
The wrath of
the grand vizier
set loose on all his kin
The seers had seen
the burning
of Acre of Sidon
Faith and honour
at the dawn of eschaton

At the dawn of

The scimitars gleam
in the shadow
of the horns
Hell at Tiberias
an empire forlorn

(Da pacem, Domine,
in diebus nostris
quia non est alius)

Their screams resounded
across the
Christian lands
A third crusade mounted
to redeem Hattin's sands

(Da pacem, Domine,
in diebus nostris
qui pugnet pro nobis
nisi tu deus noster)

At the Horns of Hattin!

6) Defender of the Holy Cross
5:19, lyrics:
Subduing the demon
Crushing the evil
Never beaten

Armoured by steel
Protected by faith
A valor inbred
and innate

Riding the chariots
of antimony
Beyond the twilight
of mortality
Wayfarer, outrider,
realm builder,
Breaking the scourge
of the invader

His reward is near
His warcry you hear
Your soul he will shear

Sworn to an oath
To the sword
By his cloak
Riving Satan's yoke

Unyielding, unbending
For the cross he will die
Falling to
no omen nor hex
The sons of Belial
will feel the blow
...the blow of his axe

Defender! Defender!
Defender! Defender
of the Holy Cross

Hail holy queen
Our life, our sweetness,
our hope
To thee we cry
Poor banished
children of Eve
To thee we send
up our sighs
Mourning and weeping
in this valley of tears


He is the bane
Dooming the profane
Keeper of the flame

A bastion of truth
A pillar of strength
Untouched and uncouth

(Verse 3)


7) Deus Volt (The Siege of Ascalon)
7:13, lyrics:
We soar
through the seas
To vanquish our defeat
at the Horns of Hattin
17,000 martyred,
for their faith,
land and king
Pilgrims of the true
cross, united as one
Some never to see
the morrow's
blood-soaked sun

Onwards, sail onward,
to Ascalon
Our naves beaconed
by the mourning
overlord of Sidon
500 mounted turcopoles
with deadly bows
Archers and lancers,
harbingers of your woes

They had seen
the fall of Acre
Carried the crest
of Outremer
Now one in our ranks
of Hospitaliers
and unforgiving

The besieging towers
Flag bearers
of our might
Saints and warmongers
We bring ruin to your
flummoxed sight

The heathens run
they take flight
Our holy war
guided by divine light

Swallowed by
the flames of the
cleaning fire winds
The walls before us yield
to our ironbound will
The gates are breached,
our blades gleam
The hour of dread on
our foes long unseen

Die, naysayer, die
An eye for an eye
Blasphemer, you shall die
Die, die, die!

On the wings
of avenging angels
We ride to deliver
the final counterblow
The blood of our nemesis
shall pour and flow


In the name of the light
A victory won
by divine might!

Deus volt!

(Verse 1)

United as one!
As one!

Compendium of Metal Vol. 8 (compilation, 14 April, 2015, Metal on Metal Records)
Format: CD

14) Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus - At the Horns of Hattin 6:45, see below for lyrics

Compendium of Metal Vol. 9 (compilation, April, 2016, Metal on Metal Records)
Format: CD

1) Sacro Sanctus - The Key of Splendour 6:35

Ad Aeternum (promo, 2016, Metal on Metal Records)
Format: CD-R

If I'm reading the picture correctly, it says the total length on this promo version is 54:24. If correct, that'd mean the track lengths would be slightly different than the album version (a little over 56 minutes). Does anyone own this promo, and can tell if there are any differences in the songs?

1) Ad Aeternum
2) Terra Santa
3) The Messenger
4) The Key of Splendour
5) Hex and Heresy
6) Seal of Damnation
7) Invocations of Unlight
8) Illuminati (Will to Power)

Ad Aeternum (album, 29 April, 2016, Metal on Metal Records)
Formats: CD and Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

Guest appearances:
David Vella - Keyboards
Robert Spiteri - Drums

Four cover art variants were released. The top-right artwork is the one used on Bandcamp.

1) Ad Aeternum
6:07, lyrics:
We waged battle,
spilled our blood,
we crushed the enemy
We laid our lives for the cross,
We killed mercilessly
We hunted down the infidel,
We amassed the spoils of war
We brought his word to lands forsaken,
Damned and afore... Damned and afore!

Vestal, devout, chaste and pure
The doom of those who crossed our paths
was certain and sure
We crippled and struggled
the crescent moon's reign
We bore despair,
desolation and pain... pain!!!

They knelt in front of our axes,
they begged for clemency
Our blades fell upon their neck,
death with impunity

We feared neither hell nor misery
in the throes of insanity

Into the throes of insanity!

Benedictus dominus,
Benedictus ad aeternum
Patrem, patrem nostrum,
in saecula saeculorum
Benedictus dominus,
Benedictus ad aeternum
Patrem, patrem nostrum,
in saecula saeculorum

His sanctuary, his shield,
his will, his dominion
His gladius, his spear, his children,
we know no fear
His apostles, his temple,
the impious will tremble... in viam pacis!

Flags of the black cross
We held up high

We were the father's legions,
messengers of his law
Our armies, his vanguards,
his armory of war



Ad aeternum!

2) Terra Santa
5:26, lyrics:
Mordant hues color
the pages of history
Quills of contempt demonize
the neophytes of alchemy
False hoods carved by the
hand of the old man's child
A hatred spewed by sloth,
greed and pride

In their dreams they once
thristed for the sun
Justice raped,
a vision of faith undone
A brotherhood forged
across the seas of time
They shouldered their
kindred through the grime

Oaths of secrecy scorched
by deception and lies
Hellish fury wrought
by the lord of flies
Lord of flies, church of lies!


Trapped, tortured,
quartered, maimed,
A holy order that sought
blood and glory
Condemned to wallow in
bile, such is their story

Terra Santa!
Sacro et Sancta!
Terra Santa!
Sacro et Sancta!

Institutional infallibility
The lying pretext for
a new absurd humanity
like a dying womb
Forsaking its children
lusting for power, unveiling
...unveiling the hidden eden


Their cries still echo
Their scars still
burn and rage
Persecuting the way
of the timeless sage
Subjected to trail,
barbaric inquisition


Trapped, tortured,
quartered, maimed,
A holy order that sought
blood and glory
Condemned to wallow in
bile, such is their story


3) The Messenger 7:41

4) The Key of Splendour 6:35

5) Hex and Heresy 8:54

6) Seal of Damnation 6:45

7) Invocations of Unlight 9:53

8) Illuminati (Will to Power) 5:13

Compendium of Metal Vol. 10 (compilation, April, 2017, Metal on Metal Records)
Format: CD

10) Sacro Sanctus - Terra Santa 5:26, see above for lyrics

Compendium of Metal Vol. 11 (compilation, 27 April, 2018, Metal on Metal Records)
Format: CD

5) Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus - Bannockburn 7:22

Liber III: Codex Templarum (album, 5 September, 2018, Metal on Metal Records)
Formats: CD and Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

Guest appearances:
 David Vella - Effects, Keyboards, Arrangements

The label notes on Bandcamp, only three tracks are available for streaming. The full album is available is included in the download files, though.

The song "Crown of the Accursed" contains two parts:
Part I: The Visitation
Part II: The Exorcism of Raymond de Goth

1) The Widow's Sons 7:47
2) Into the Pyre 5:22
3) Order of 13 5:30
4) To Die for the Cross 6:02
5) Warmonger 7:31
6) Crown of the Accursed 7:06
7) Bannockburn 7:22
8) Mater Europa 7:31
9) Rosenkreuz 7:23

Terror Tales - A Tribute to Death SS (compilation, 31 October, 2018, Black Widow Records)

Top, left: 3CD
Top, right:
4x vinyl
Bottom, left:
4x vinyl, deluxe edition, limited 66 copies
Bottom, right: 4x vinyl, test pressing

For the CD version, Sacro Sanctus' song is on CD 2, track 3.
For all three vinyl versions, Sacro Sanctus' song is on Side D, track 2.

3/2) Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus - The Shrine in the Gloom (Death SS cover) 8:47

1) We still need the rest of the lyrics. 2) Track lengths for the promo version of "Ad Aeternum".

Miscellaneous stuff:
The original artwork from the album "Ad Aeternum"