BAND NAME: Tunge Byrder
GENRE: Unblack / ???
STATUS: Active
LOCATION: Norway (Trondheim)

Just a basic page for right now. More will be added as the project moves forward, releases samples to listen to, etc.

Max Kevin Ølstøren (Shadow Puncher) - All instruments, Vocals



An Ice Cold Spiritual Warfare (UPCOMING)

The cover art says "A Ice Cold", but Max has stated this typo will be corrected for the actual release.
If any other changes are made to the artwork, of course, these will be added as well, as is typical for "upcoming" releases on here.

More will be added as info and updates become available!



BAND NAME: Extreme Salvation
GENRE: Unblack / Death Metal
STATUS: Unknown
LOCATION: Switzerland (Lausanne, Vaud)

Formed in summer, 2003.

Last-known contact:
Christophe Rime
Place Chauderon 5
CH-1003 Lausanne

exsalvation [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

Christophe Rime - Unknown

Unofficial links:


Son of God CD DEMO (demo, 2005, Independent)
Format: CD-R

Guest appearances:

Taanak (Demoniciduth) - Unknown
Another person from Demoniciduth, name unknown - Unknown

1) Legion of God
2) Trinity
3) End of Days
4) Illusion
5) Son of God
6) Extreme Salvation
7) Le Divin Berger
8) Maranatha

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages, NotOnMA
1) Lineup info. 2) Track lengths + lyrics. 3) Any other info.
1) Logo. 2) Cover art.


BAND NAME: Transcendus
GENRE: Unblack Metal / Dark Ambient
STATUS: Split-up
LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

Last known contact:
transcendus [AT] darksites [DOT] com

Note: There is some false information on Spirit of Metal, including a band photo and additional band members. That information actually belongs to a secular band named Zhalim. The only band members of Transcendus are listed below, and no band photos have ever surfaced, to my knowledge.

Night - Vocals, Synths, Effects
Nocturne - Guitars, Bass
Malam - Percussion


Nocturnal Ambience (album, 2002, THT Productions)
Format: CD

Guest appearances:
Elde - Vocals (additional)

Released sometime before 11 September of 2002. Also in that link, it's mentioned that apparently Transcendus signed a lifetime deal with THT Productions, despite only releasing this one album.

Apparently does NOT include a lyric booklet.
That link also confirms "Imago Dei" has lyrics; this link confirms "Nightime Breeze", "I Am the Reaper", and "The Return" have lyrics as well. Whether the others have lyrics, or are instrumentals, is currently unknown, as no music samples are available anymore.

"The entire music of Nocturnal Ambience is simulated and inspired by the nighttime breeze"

Note about track 3:
While the title is written "White Ghost over the Shadow of Death" online, the title is actually "White Ghost over the Shadows of Death" in the layout photo above.

1) Catharsis 00:47
2) Dusk 5:11
3) White Ghost over the Shadows of Death 4:06
4) Nightime Breeze 3:11
5) Imago Dei 4:23
6) I Am the Reaper 4:30
7) Moonlight Echoes 4:53
8) The Return 2:32
9) Transcend 3:50

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages
For both the info and images, a whole bunch of stuff is missing and incomplete. If you have anything, let me know. Thanks!


^ Old logo ....... v New logo

BAND NAME: Willow Mount
GENRE: Unblack / Doom Metal
STATUS: Split-up
LOCATION: USA (Rover, Tennessee)

Formed in 2008.

Matthew Plunkett - Vocals, Keyboards
Max - Vocals, Guitars, Drums

Past members:
Zack Plunkett - Vocals, Guitars



Demo (May, 2009, label unknown)
Format unknown

Mentioned on Myspace; also mentioned on Spirit of Metal.

1) In the Forest of Sorrow
2) The Tragic Struggle 1:59

This track is also listed on Myspace, but isn't assigned to an album. Did it also appear on the demo, or..?
Beneath Frozen Waters 2:45

Vanitas (album)

November, 2009, Sullen Records, CD-R + Download, limited 250 copies, sold out
26 January, 2015, SkyBurnsBlack Records, Bandcamp

Guest appearances:
Crystal Boyce - Writing (track 3)

Note: There's an image on MA that's sort of discolored. The image used on Sullen's old website has the same coloration as the image above, so it appears the "discolored" version was never actually used for anything.

For the record, the link mentioned in the album layout no longer works.

1) Before My Cold Death
00:51, lyrics:
And so my final hour of sorrow arrives
It’s presence harsh
Like the cold ash I consume
My lungs start to fail
I breathe my last...
No...there is light
I can see it through the black fog
If I could just...

2) Shadow Ash
2:26, lyrics:
Alone I watch the petals fall one by one
As the rain beats down on the chapel roof
The memory of You quietly collects dust
The answers are somewhere within
But I watch and listen hoping for a voice
We had so much, now I am lost
Like sheep without a Sheppard
I wander on
Searching...waiting for You

3) Kingdom of the Night Owl
3:16, lyrics:
Falling into darkness
Waking into a mystical dream
With wings of death
Comes the night owl
Watching from above
Trapped like field mice
My heart beats fast
“Run! Run! Run!”
The forest comes alive
Stumbling through the forest creek, I fall
Only to see my night owl before me
I stand to my feet
Only to watch
My greatest Kingdom unfold

4) Mountaincloud
2:37, lyrics:
I see the Mountaincloud
Far beyond the distance
The light shines through the sky
Beyond the Mountaincloud
I know the Heavens wait for me
My Father calls my name
He calls my name
Beyond the Mountaincloud

5) Fire Within These Scars
2:33, lyrics:
As I face these days
Of never ending turmoil
I find myself dying each day
My fragile mind can only take so much
Will I die, will I live?
No! His love is stronger than that
As I face these weakened days
My only hope is Him
Give me strength o, Lord
I desperately call out Your name
This world has robbed me of my faith
And now I want it back
Now we see how fragile our minds are
We must break this bond
Which keeps us here
We see this test, we hear Your call

6) Vanitas
1:30, instrumental

7) In the Forest of Sorrow
2:17, lyrics:
I am so lost, I gave my heart
Only to take it back
And so I walk this forest alone
Remembering what I did to You
The leaves fall upon me
As sorrow’s grip subsides
The breeze catches my face
And draws it towards the sky
The clouds depart (I see Your Face)

8) Beyond Closed Doors
2:08, lyrics:
This door is locked and I am inside
Dwelling on thoughts of death
Searching for strength
That I will never find
I remember the pain You took
I know it was greater than mine
But I need answers
I need to hear Your voice
What have I endured compared to You
You died
So I wouldn't have to go through this
The blade drops to the floor as I stand
I eagerly walk toward the door
As it opens I am given a new sight
Remembrance consumes my soul

9) Upon Night's Creation
2:10, lyrics:
The night shines
Over the grasslands
From the stars above
Nature surrounds the area
With the shady trees
And the night’s mist
The fields of grassland move
With the night’s wind
Leaves clatter up high in the trees
Creatures remain hidden
The water within the creek moves
As the fish follow its path
For here is a peaceful night
That the Lord has created

10) Lost in Illusion
3:01, instrumental

11) Through Darkened Eyes
3:26, lyrics:
I am darker than black
See the scorn upon my face
Black blood runs through these veins
Lustful temptation is in my eyes
And I am staring straight at You
But Your eyes are staring into mine
I turn away
I fall to the floor
Why, why? Why Father why?
I am so weak... 

Death Refrained, Death Unborn (EP)

23 November, 2010, UMS Records (RIPOFF LABEL), CD-R, sold out
26 January, 2015, SkyBurnsBlack Records, Bandcamp

1) Ascending Awake
00:48, instrumental

2) Dark Illusions

3) When the Sun Spills Silence

4) From Depths, He Rose
1:51, instrumental

5) Deluded Path of Truth

6) Sorrowswept
1:38, instrumental

1) Lyrics for "Death Refrained, Death Unborn" and "Demo". 2) More info about "Demo"; a lot of stuff is missing. 3) Track length for "In the Forest..." on "Demo". Was it the same exact recording as on the album, or is it a different one? 4) What did Crystal write on "Kingdom of the Night Owl"? The entire song? Just the lyrics?


NOTE: Not to be confused with Melchizedek from Brazil.

BAND NAME: MelchizedeK
GENRE: Unblack Metal with Crust Punk / Hardcore Influences
STATUS: Split-up
LOCATION: Canada (Sherbrooke, Quebec)

Formed 8 October, 2012, after a few years of floating around as an idea.
The album was improvised and recorded 8-9 October, 2012.

Michael "Michelle Massacre" Mosher - All instruments, Vocals



No Rapture (album, 13 November, 2012, New Life Recordings)
Format: Digital / Mediafire

Also available to stream on YouTube (ARTIST-APPROVED!)

1) Furnace 2:22
2) Breakthrough 3:15
3) Equilibrium 4:46
4) Solvents 2:12
5) Addict 3:15
6) Helios 2:02
7) No Rapture 1:25
8) Hypocrite 2:16
9) Autumn 1:53
10) Closure 1:33
11) False Flag 5:01
12) Foliage 2:23
13) Diadem 3:15
14) Repress 2:29
15) Desolate 1:53
16) Extraction 5:10
17) Redemption 5:09
18) Spiritual Cancer 2:38
19) Auto-Asphyxiate 2:38
20) Messenger 3:28
21) Tribulation 1:26
22) Repress (Reprise) 2:29


Miscellaneous stuff:

Alternate artwork on SoundClick.
This image was used as the thumbnail for "Helios" on SoundClick, but wasn't "officially" used at all.


BAND NAME: Sacred Revelation
GENRE: Unblack Metal
STATUS: Split-up
LOCATION: USA (Kansas City, Kansas)

Years active:
2011 - 1 November, 2013

Last-known contact:
sacredrevelation [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

Storm - Vocals, Lyrics
Fire - All instruments

Interview (audio, skip to 1:06:12)


Revelations of the End (EP)

25 June, 2011, Independent, Digital / BigCartel, link expired
9 January, 2012, Independent, CD, link expired
April, 2014, Sanctus Gladius Records, Bandcamp, link expired

1) The Vision
2:37, lyrics unknown

2) Seven Plagues
5:23, lyrics:
The sores upon you marked for your choice, refusal of the truth.
The sea now blood filled with the stench of death, your waters now dead.
You shed saints blood now be served this judgement your blood filled drink.

Angels pour out God’s wrath his judgement is due your evil deeds have doomed you.
Consumed by hate you refuse the truth.

Your sun now burns, you blaspheme God’s name for your pain repent you do not. 
Your kingdom is dark and pain you gain you blaspheme God’s name repent you do not.

Angels pour out God’s wrath his judgement is due your evil deeds have doomed you.
Consumed by hate you refuse the truth.

Euphrates dries up prepared for kings. 
Three spirits emerge from dragon, beast and false prophet, for kings they gather for battle. 
Christ comes as a thief and gather to Armageddon.

Angels pour out God’s wrath his judgement is due your evil deed have doomed you.
Consumed by hate you refuse the truth.

A voice cries out skies light and earth shakes.
The great city divides, nations fall, Babylon drinks the wine of God’s wrath.
Islands flee mountains vanish hails falls you blaspheme God’s name.

Seven Angels Bring Seven Plagues. God’s judgement poured out in full.
Your reward for your evil done.

3) Seven Seals
2:59, lyrics unknown

4) Beware of Hell
11:00, lyrics unknown

Diminishing Diabolical Strongholds Volume 3 (compilation, 2011, Unblack Metal Scene Records (RIPOFF LABEL))
Format: CD-R

SUPPOSEDLY released 6 September, but I'm not sure.

9) Sacred Revelation - Sacred Plagues 5:23, see above for lyrics

Hymns of the Blackest Light, Volume 2 (Compilation, 23 April, 2018, Fallen Oak Recording)
Formats: CD and Bandcamp

 9) Sacred Revelation - Seven Plagues 5:23, see above for lyrics

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages
1) The rest of the lyrics. 2) When was "Diminishing..." Volume 3 released?
Band logo. It's a good resolution, but there are all these strange artifacts around the middle.


NOTE: Not to be confused with Christian death metal band Espiritual from Brazil.

BAND NAME: Espiritual
GENRE: Unblack Metal
STATUS: Active
LOCATION: Colombia (Villavicencio, Meta)

Formed somewhere between 2008 and 2011.

Hector Herrera - Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics
Daniel Velasquez Diaz - Guitars (rhythm)
Lizeth Dayanna - Bass
Jhon William Aguado Herrera - Piano
Solivan Andres Delgado - Drums

Past members:
Maira Aragon - Vocals (choral)
Jose Luis Aguado Herrera - Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
Angel Ivan Dominguez - Guitars
Deivi Duque - Drums
Jose Molina (Surmount Darkness) - Drums



Ceremonia espiritual (demo / EP)

Top-Left: 17 October, 2011, Independent, CD
Top-Right: 17 July, 2012, Independent, CD
Middle-Left: 29 February, 2016, Independent, Bandcamp
Middle-Right: 10 July, 2016, Vampire Records, CD
Bottom: year unknown, Light in Darkness Metal Store, CD

1) Ceremonia espiritual
5:30, lyrics:
Alisto las velas las enciendo las coloco en cada punta de la trinidad
Me hago en el centro invoco tu Espiritu Santo...

Cojo la copa y hecho tu sangre
Sangre que derramaste por nosotros y podremos beber de tu sangre Jesucristo

Ceremonia espiritual, ceremonia de luz,
Bebo tu sangre, siento la luz
Siento tu perdón
Muerto andaba
Muerte eterna allaria
Vivo estoy
Vida eterna allare

Ceremonia espiritual, ceremonia de luz
Estoy en la presencia del Padre
Hago reverencia ante él.

Estoy a tu servicio que sea tu voluntad en mi.

Ceremonia espiritual, ceremonia de luz
Jesucristo iluminame

Ceremonia espiritual
Ceremonia de luz

2) Venciendo al maldito Satan con la espada del Señor
11:58, lyrics:
Venciendo al maldito Satán con la espada de Señor...
Maldito Satanas, maldito Lucifer, maldito asechador,
Maligno engañador...

Venciendo al maldito Satán con la espada del Señor...
Tu espada nos a fortalecido en el pacto de tu sangre mediante tu sangre
Somos libres de la esclavitud de Satán y la muerte eterna,
La ignorancia es destruida y nos llenamos de sabiduria espiritual.

Guerreros espirituales somos y estamos a tu servicio,
Que el Señor nos ilumine ante la oscura muerte
Jesucristo tu eres la luz, el camino, la verdad y la vida eterna
La armadura de Dios nos da la victoria.

Por lo demás, fortaleceos en el Señor y en el poder de su fuerza. Revestíos con toda la armadura de Dios para que podáis estar firmes contra las insidias del diablo. Porque nuestra lucha no es contra sangre y carne, sino contra principados, contra potestades, contra los poderes de este mundo de tinieblas, contra las huestes espirituales de maldad en las regiones celestiales. Por tanto, tomad toda la armadura de Dios, para que podáis resistir en el día malo, y habiéndolo hecho todo, estar firmes. Estad, pues, firmes, ceñida vuestra cintura con la verdad, revestidos con la coraza de la justicia, y calzados los pies con el apresto del evangelio de la paz; en todo, tomando el escudo de la fe con el que podréis apagar todos los dardos encendidos del maligno. Tomad también el yelmo de la salvación, y la espada del Espíritu que es la palabra de Dios. Con toda oración y súplica orad en todo tiempo en el Espíritu, y así, velad con toda perseverancia y súplica por todos los santos; y orad por mí, para que me sea dada palabra al abrir mi boca, a fin de dar a conocer sin temor el misterio del evangelio, por el cual soy embajador en cadenas; que al proclamarlo hable con denuedo, como debo hablar. (Efesios 6:10-20 / Ephesians 6:10-20)

Venciendo al maldito Satán con la espada de Señor...
Maldito Satanas, maldito Lucifer, maldito asechador,
Maligno engañador...
Venciendo al maldito Satán con la espada del Señor...

3) Oración de fe
8:45, lyrics:
"He aquí, yo estoy a la puerta y llamo; si alguno oye mi voz y abre la puerta, entraré a él, y cenaré con él y él conmigo." (Apocalipsis 3:20 / Revelation 3:20)

Señor Jesus antes que todo te pido perdón por mis pecados
Por todo pacto que yo halla hecho con Satanas
Port toda brujeria, hechieria, ocultismo que yo halla hecho

Toda atadura, toda cadena espiritual que el enemigo halla puesto en mi
Y todo argumento que Satanas tenga ante mi, y todo decreto de muerte...

... Es destruido en el nombre de Jesus y por la sangre de Jesus
Que es el nuevo pacto de perdón y de salvación y de vida eterna...

Señor Jesus yo te abro la puerte de mi corazón y yo te pido que tu entres en el.
Y seas el dueño de mi vida, yo te acepto como mi unico Dios.
Señor Jesus yo te pido que anotes mi nombre en el libro de la vida.

"Y la oración de fe restaurará al enfermo, y el Señor lo levantará, y si ha cometido pecados le serán perdonados." (Santaigo 5:15 / James 5:15)

4) YHWH - Yo Soy
1:10, lyrics:
"Yo soy el Alfa y la Omega, principio y fin, dice el Señor, el que es y que era y que ha de venir, el Todopoderoso." (Apocalipsis 1:8 / Revelation 1:8)
Dios; yo soy el padre, yo soy el Hijo, yo soy el Espiritu Santo. Yo Soy.
Sobre todo nombre es Jesucristo (Jesus)...


Holy Unblack Metal Ultimatum Vol.1 (compilation, NOT SURE IF OFFICIAL, 4 November, 2011, Christian Productions + Lord Nazareum Records)
Format: Digital / MegaUpload

Listed [here], and listed by Espiritual as part of their official discography.
Apparently some of the Lord Nazareum Recs compilations were unofficial; I'm not sure which ones.

1) Espiritual - Ceremonia espiritual 5:30
2) Espiritual - Venciendo al maldito Satan con la espada del Señor 11:58

Ceremonia espiritual - Venciendo la oscuridad (split, 24 August, 2017, Warriors Records)
Format: CD, limited (???) copies

Split with Surmount Darkness.

1) Espiritual - Ceremonia espiritual 5:30
2) Espiritual - Venciendo al maldito Satan con la espada del Señor 11:58
3) Espiritual - Oración de fe 8:45
4) Espiritual - YHWH - Yo Soy 1:10

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages
1) How many copies were made for the Warriors Records split? 2) NOTE TO SELF: Add a link to Surmount Darkness once their page is finished.
Better pictures or scans, of the Warriors Records split.

Because of the large amount of rereleases of the debut demo/EP, I decided to add layout photos here instead of at the top of the page. ALSO NOTE: I hid the phone numbers on the 2011 version.

2011 CD ......................... Not sure which version
Vampire Records CD:


BAND NAME: Frostundus Ronoiseus
GENRE: Unblack / Noise / Grind / Blacknoise
STATUS: Active

A sort of mix of two of Kenneth's other projects, Desmodus Rotundus and Frostnoise.

Previously went under the name Frostundus Ronoiseus, but shortened the name in June, 2018.

Kenneth "Nattesorg" Holsen - All instruments, Vocals


Wine of the Condemned (EP, 25 June, 2018, Naorg Production)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

Contains most of the songs from the Frostundus Ronoiseus / Frostnoise split.

1) Will Not Turn Away 2:08
2) Devour the Places 2:12
3) Wine of the Condemned 2:40
4) Store Up Violence 2:36
5) Tempted with Evil 2:08
6) Whole Body 2:15
7) Into the Sea 2:11
8) All the Days 1:44

Sornetiltu Kraspint (album)

Left / Frostundus Ronoiseus:
6 January, 2018, Independent, Digital / Bandcamp, link expired
18 February, 2018, Independent, Digital / Bandcamp, link expired
Right / Frostundus:
21 November, 2018, Naorg Production, Bandcamp

1) Sornetiltu Kraspint 2:49
2) Grutilchrum Jordkresk 2:08
3) Brukitro Fuqewrok 2:17
4) Troitrotkisk Vebzklatr 3:13
5) Abdrutrusk Xortrut 1:29
6) Krktkirt Traktorte 2:48
7) Fictirut Bnlortusk 2:57
8) Svoprota Tlopskr 2:37
9) Tanzroput Trakdust 2:35
10) Htennek Nesloh 3:13
11) Retrigturt Rabrut 2:44
12) Furtrompt Gropgpo 3:20
13) Bgortf Gfarts 2:28
14) Nbartfrust Gtfir 3:06
15) Alpopereo Ororter 2:16
16) Crosrekt Gtortfert 2:56
17) Tkatro Torrtort Slort 2:41
18) Grtorbt Farertort 2:29
19) Gfwrwqd Fxakpore 2:12
20) Trakrotert Brutlo 3:17
21) Ikorertik Takrasert 3:12
22) Mnbrutrexz Klwqert 3:09
23) Brwhoprt Ncnurtop 2:44
24) Nnmbreder Bnbarter 3:12
25) Hbhoterd Gogocrash 3:02



PLEASE NOTE: There are a couple people online with the username "Coldrealm", the same as the artist name I originally used for this project. They have no association with this project.

BAND NAME: Coldrealm
GENRE: Unblack Ambient / "Winter Synth"
STATUS: Active

Years active:
2012 - 2014
2018 - present

Started as a secular project in early-mid 2012. Became more "Christian-influenced" over time, until I fully left behind my occult beliefs in 2014 and ended the project. Originally I planned to continue it, but decided to leave it behind instead. Restarted, still as a Christian project, in November 2018.

Nocturnal Iridescence (formerly "Coldrealm") - All instruments, Vocals


Non-Christian release:
Into Freezingness, demo, 2013

† Cellphone Recordings † (compilation, 6 November, 2018, Independent)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

A compilation of the songs I record on my cellphone until I get a new, proper recorder.

These tracks were uploaded 20 November, 2018.
I couldn't remember a couple of the words in track "A New Walk..."

See "Winter Contemplation" for lyrics.

5) Coldrealm - A New Walk in Coldness, Now Guided by God's Hand 8:23
6) Coldrealm - God-Given Clarity in Snow 1:05, instrumental
7) Coldrealm - Snowstorm Reflection 4:19
8) Coldrealm - Alive in Trials 4:15
9) Coldrealm - Ice Shelves in Cold Wind 1:23


Winter Contemplation (demo/EP, UPCOMING, Blackened Label Recordings)
Format: CD

More info will be added soon!

1) Intro
00:27, instrumental

2) A New Walk in Coldness, Now Guided by God's Hand
8:23, lyrics:
The cold chills my skin
Under this blizzard
Wind blows through the night
Through the ever-bare trees

Howls from the mountains
In (?) my soul
As the embittered cold
Brings this isolation

... Isolation

Pagans worship the created darkness
And the Creator rejects their words
Spirits imitate this art form
The night rejects them all

... Rejects them all

Let darkness conquer their wicked shadows
Beautify the cold air, remove their cultic dark
Capture them in holiness of winter contemplation
And leave this landscape dedicated to God

God, blow these winds
Restore order
Below the frozen moon
Give holiness and guidance to me

Holiness to all who walk this isolated path
Seeking in the purity and bitterness
The truth...


Let this coldness
And darkness
Yield divine contemplation
That brings souls
Back to You
Cleanse the spiritual darkness
With this physical darkness
And bring the (?)
To others

3) God-Given Clarity in Snow
1:05, Instrumental

4) Snowstorm Reflection
4:19, lyrics:

Maybe I was mistaken those years...
Seeking isolation, my misanthropy...
My sensory perception...
And seeking different paths through the darkness...
Maybe what I wanted all those years...
Though I would have never admitted it to myself...
Was to contemplate the divine
Under a warm-frozen snowfall...

Seeking a relationship with the holy divine
As the idols spoke lies
You spoke divine

5) Alive in Trials
4:15, lyrics:
Take me away from worldly comfort
Take me away from escapism
Take me away from this plague
That tortures my conscience

I have had enough of comfort
There is only one comfort
In hardship
"The Lord punishes those He loves,"
(Hebrews 12:6)
Testing us "in the furnace of affliction.
" (Isaiah 48:10)
Refine me like gold

Leave me shiver in this cold
Let me slide, down on this ice
Leave me hanging on the edge of this mountainside
For as long as You will

Let me grow
In righteousness
Let Your grace
Let Your tests
Once again
Be my true escape

6) Ice Shelves in Cold Wind
1:23, lyrics:
He sends out His command to the earth.
His word runs swiftly.
He scatters the snow like wool
He scatters the frost like ashes.

(Psalm 147:15-16)

ArtistConfirmed, NotOnMA


BAND NAME: Dödsmarsch (Dodsmarsch)
GENRE: Black Metal
STATUS: Active
LOCATION: International (USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

Formed in 2010.

bearthered [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Draug - Vocals (Screams), Guitars
Jokull - Vocals (Screams), Guitars
Djakninn - Vocals (Screams), Bass
Navnløs - Guitars (lead)
Leiptr - Drums



^ 2014 version ................................ ^ 2018 version

Skandinavian Black Metal Alliance (EP)

21 March, 2014, Independent, CD-R, limited 40 copies, sold out
14 July, 2018, Independent, CD-R, Remastered, limited 100 copies

Guest appearances:
The Pharaoh - Vocals (Growls/Screams)
Mensen - Vocals ("Spitting Screams")
Sinawee - Vocals ("Etherial" [sic])

1) Vargavinter 3:51, instrumental (2018 version only)
2) Our Flags Held High 7:20
3) Painful Lesson 6:38
4) Dödsmarsch 3:14
5) Bitterness 6:40

IncompletePage, UncertainInfo
1) Lyrics. 2) Are the correct numbers of copies listed here? 3) It seems there are some CDs that spell it "Scandinavian" instead of "Skandinavian". Can anyone help explain this?

Aaron Kirby (NON-METAL)

A page for Aaron Kirby (Ascending King)'s projects with little to no metal influence.


BAND NAME: Thief on the Cross
GENRE: Noise / Experimental
STATUS: Active
LOCATION: USA (Dallas, Texas)

Aaron "Ruah" Kirby - Guitars, Noise, "Manipulations, Atmosphere"
Brandon "Solomon Kane" Fearn - Guitars, Noise, "Manipulations, Atmosphere"


Waiting in Psychosis for the Great Return (album)

9 March, 2017, Vociferator Entertainment, Bandcamp
7 February, 2018, Nosral Recordings, Bandcamp
2018, Nosral Recordings, CD

Was also released on another net label before Vociferator, but I don't have more on that info right now.

1) Ancient of Days 2:32
2) Whispers of Dread from Decrepit Catacombs 10:56
3) Book of Jude 5:03
4) Panic Frequency 16:52
5) Names of the Most High 2:43
6) Shock Therapy Transmission 10:54
7) Jesus Is Lord 3:38
8) Third Eye Extraction 16:34

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Calibration of Repented Hearts (split, 31 August, 2018, Nosral Recordings)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

Split with Frostnoise.

4) Thief on the Cross - The Dead Shall Inherit 3:02
5) Thief on the Cross - Exhort the Great Unwashed 7:16
6) Thief on the Cross - Utterances of the Endless One Pt 1 10:40
7) Thief on the Cross - Utterances of the Endless One Pt 2 9:30



BAND NAME: Noisechrist
GENRE: Harsh Noise
STATUS: Active

Originally this was an anonymous project, but Aaron later confirmed it was his.

Aaron Kirby - All instruments

Interview (audio)


Apparition (album, 19 July, 2018, Burning Stake)
Formats: Cassette (limited 20 copies) and Bandcamp

Both songs are instrumental.

1) Untitled I 17:51
2) Untitled II 12:39

Split (7 September, 2018, Mapawi Records)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
link expired

Split with Lollipoop.

Track numbers + track lengths currently unknown.

??) Noisechrist - Celestial Echoes of Lunacy Pt. 1
??) Noisechrist - Celestial Echoes of Lunacy Pt. 2

??) Noisechrist - Taphophilia

Halloween / Autumn Three Tape Comp and Zine (compilation, 31 October, 2018, Wdgrain Records)
Formats: 3 Cassettes + Bandcamp
Buy the tapes + Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

"Three cassette tapes of Halloween/ Autumn inspired noise, ambient, hip hop and spoken word & 30 page full colored zine featuring work by a gang of artists. Both come housed in a 6" x 9" envelope with full color artwork."

Band name is misspelled on this release as "Noise Christ".

7) Noisechrist - Agateophobia 6:26

Noisechrist | Worm Monolith (split)

Left: 22 November, 2018, Independent, Bandcamp
Right: UPCOMING, Independent, Cassette (pre-order on Bandcamp)

Split with Worm Monolith.

1) Noisechrist -  Abhorrent Catacombs of Despair, Pt. 1 11:16
2) Noisechrist -  Abhorrent Catacombs of Despair, Pt. 2 9:31
3) Noisechrist - Blank Canvas for the Dead 7:06