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BAND NAME: Dormant
GENRE: Unblack Metal with Atmospheric/Folk Influences
STATUS: Unknown
LOCATION: Netherlands (Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht)

Formed in 2005.

It seems the project used various logos. Here are the titles of these logos, according to Myspace:
Top: 1) Ry
Middle: 1) Fetus; 2) Unblack
Bottom: 1) Ry; 2) D
... Although the top image isn't actually referred to as a logo, it appears to be used as a logo in certain places, so....? Anyway, all logos here, when viewed in full size, are the original resolution found on Myspace.

About the name, Nain-Usar says,
"I did not choose the name Dormant for any deep reasons, I just liked (and still like) the sound of the word. Although it practically means the same as asleep, it has a more brooding, potentially explosive thing to it." (see interview link below)

Franc "Nain-Usar" Timmerman (Wildoomus, The Guilt, Gloom, Ancient Industry) - All instruments, Vocals


Consolamentum (EP, 6 November, 2006, Son of Man Records)
Format: CD, limited 100 copies

Not sure why there are two versions of the artwork. Was there, perhaps, a 2nd release at some point?

Also, "Liefde was het" is a cover of a hymn. According to what I can find, it was originally written in English around 1890 as "O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus" by Samuel Trevor Francis, and later translated into Dutch.

1) Consolamentum
1:59, lyrics unknown

2) Den smale sti
5:00, lyrics unknown

3) Sylvan Chants Nocturnal
4:49, lyrics unknown

4) The Hunted
4:43, lyrics unknown

5) The Grievous Children
6:58, lyrics unknown

6) Dormant Souls
7:05, lyrics unknown

7) Liefde was het
6:26, partial lyrics:
Liefde was het, onuitputt'lijk,
liefd' en goedheid, eind'loos groot.
Toen de Levensvorst op aarde
tot ons heil zijn bloed vergoot.
Komt, laat ons zijn liefde prijzen!
God geeft vreugd' en dankensstof.
Eenmaal zingen wij voor eeuwig
in de hemel zijnen lof.

Rijd als Heerser door de velden,
Jezus in uw grote kracht.
Niets, niets kan U tegenhouden,
zelfs de hel niet met haar macht.
Voor uw naam, zo groot en heerlijk
zinkt de vijand weg in 't niet.
Heel de schepping, Heer, zal beven,
als zij U, haar Koning, ziet.
(NOTE: There is a 3rd verse, but I can't find it right now.)

Sorg - White Metal Compilation Vol. II (2007, label unknown)
Format unknown
Not all track lengths are known, but apparently the total album is 1:04:23
12) Dormant - Enmity 4:54


Alchemy (album, NOT SURE IF RELEASED)

Planned to be released in the summer of 2007, but after Son of Man Records closed earlier that year, plans had to be changed. Also, apparently, it was originally planned to be an EP, but according to the interview above, it was later turned into a full album. It's currently unclear if this ever ended up being released.
Tracklist unknown.

There is an "experimental demo" listed on Myspace (just uses the golden "Ry" logo as artwork), with the tracks "Thrall in the Talons of Black Philosophy" (5:04) and "Enmity" (4:54). Also, on SoundClick, there are songs called "Under the Oath of Secrecy" and "Devoid of Anxiety" (track lengths unknown). Could these, perhaps, have been songs used on Alchemy??

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages, UncertainInfo
1) Lyrics, including the 3rd verse to "Liefde was het". 2) Why are there two versions of the "Consolamentum" artwork? 3) More info on "Sorg White Metal Compilation Vol. II" and this "experimental demo". 4) Was "Alchemy" ever released?
1) Black-and-white artwork of Consolamentum. 2) Better versions of the logos?

Miscellaneous stuff:
Left: The full artist photo, without any cropping
Right: The original picture used on the yellow "Consolamentum" artwork


BAND NAME: Defying Darkness
GENRE: Unblack / Drone Metal
STATUS: Active

defyingdarkness777 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Derek - Vocals, Guitars
Luke - Drums



A single, soon to be released on The Bearded Dragon Productions!



BAND NAME: Eternal Fire
GENRE: Ambient Unblack Metal
STATUS: Split-up
LOCATION: Ukraine (Kremenchuk, Poltava)

Active from 2008-2009.
Not sure if this artist still identifies as Christian or not?

Alexander Ivanov - All instruments, Vocals

Myspace @ archive.org (see also 2008)



Eternal Winter (EP)

Left: 2008, NitroAtmosfericum Records, CD-R, limited (???)
(not pictured) 2009, EEE Recordings, CD-R, limited (???) copies
Right: 3 March, 2015, Depressive Illusions Records, CD-R (66 copies) + Bandcamp, both remastered

I briefly talked to EEE Recordings before publishing this page:"If I remember correctly, very, very few copies of that release actually got out to the public [...]. It was announced, a few were made and then it was cancelled. Probably less than 5 actually exist. This is all if I am remembering it correctly though, it was 10 years ago now, so take that as you will."

2008 / 2015 TRACKLIST
1) Eternal Fire 4:22
2) Eternal Winter 2:26
3) My Way 3:40

EEE TRACKLIST (see Uncertain Info*)
1) Вічне Полум'я 4:22
2) Темная сторона белого диска
3) Вічна Зима
4) Dream
5) Мiй шлях
6) Eternity
7) Плач небес
8) Norther Song

IncompletePage, UncertainInfo
1) Track lengths for the EEE version. 2) Lyrics. 3) Is this artist still Christian? I see they are currently in some secular bands. 4) Are there really only 5 or so copies of the EEE version in existence??? If anyone out there still owns this, would you be willing to send some info about it?

Some of the Ukrainian song titles. The person who added these to Discogs admits they don't speak Ukrainian... and neither do I. Does anybody here speak Ukrainian? Can you help with this?
These are the track titles I got from Google Translate:
1) Вічне Полум'я
2) Темная сторона белого диска
3) Вічна Зима
5) Мiй шлях
7) Плач небес

These are the song titles, as written on Discogs:
1) Вiчне Подум'я
2) Тeмная сторона бедого дистка
3) Вiчна Эима
5) Мiй шдях
7) Пдач небес


BAND NAME: Auralstorm
GENRE: Jazz / Unblack Metal
STATUS: Active

Kenneth "Nattesorg" Holsen - All instruments, Vocals


Aural Blackjazz Storm (single, 15 February, 2019, Naorg Production)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

1) Aural Blackjazz Storm 5:28
2) Aural Blackjazz Storm (Instrumental) 5:28



BAND NAME: Zombie Mortician
GENRE: Unblack Metal
STATUS: Active
LOCATION: Norway (Bergen)

Nothing was released under the "Zombie Mortician" name when it was first formed, and it was eventually merged with Desmodus Rotundus. However, Kenneth brought it back as a separate project with new music in 2019.

The 2014 Desmodus album "Desmodus Rotundus in a Dark Cave" was originally meant to be a Zombie Mortician album.

Kenneth "Nattesorg" Holsen - All instruments, Vocals


Blood Will I Require (album)

14 February, 2019, Naorg Production, Bandcamp
16 February, 2019, Naorg Production, CD (sleeve)

1) Blood Will I Require 2:43
2) Defiled Bread 1:53
3) Scatter Your Bones 3:10
4) Wicked Abominations 2:09
5) Washed Away the Blood 2:35
6) To Consume Them 2:49
7) Destroying Their Idols 2:48
8) Blood in the Midst 2:16
9) Women That Shed Blood 1:51
10) Consume the Flesh 2:41
11) Shall Be Sanctified 2:44
12) Valley Full of Bones 1:23
13) Ravenous Birds 2:10
14) Instrumental Disaster 12:27, instrumental



[logo not available]

BAND NAME: Orcrist
GENRE: Unblack Metal with Symphonic Influences
STATUS: Split-up

Blaze Pearson (The Souls Unrest) - Guitars
Other names and roles currently unknown. Featured members of The Souls Unrest and World Against World.


Unofficial links:
YouTube audio
* Note: I haven't watched the videos, just listened to the songs, but apparently they contain some suggestive imagery?


Three songs:
1) Untitled Song 1 7:56
2) I Am Evil 5:43
3) Untitled Song 3 4:31

These songs may have been released on an "untitled demo", as indicated on YouTube.
Not currently sure, though.

IncompletePage, NotOnMA
1) Logo? 2) More info on the lineup. 3) More info on the songs? Were they released on an actual "demo"? Did the other songs have titles??


BAND NAME: Morgenroede
GENRE: Symphonic Unblack Metal
STATUS: On hold
LOCATION: Norway (Skien and Oslo)

Their Myspace was created 24 November, 2006, so I'm guessing they formed around the same time?

Last-known contact:
morgenroede [AT] gmail [DOT] com
vegar_99 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
johenningb [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
robinogn [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

Ronny Hansen - Vocals
Robin Ognedal - Guitars
Vegar Loetveit - Guitars
Steinar Jeffs - Bass
Didrik Vareide - Keyboards
Jo Henning Børven (/Boerven) - Drums



Nemesis (single, January, 2009, Independent)
Format: CD-R, limited 150 copies

This song was originally meant to be featured on an EP. However, a harddrive crash caused them to lose most of the music they'd recorded.. Only this one song survived, so they released it on a limited-edition single instead.

1) Nemesis 6:27

The Dawn of a New Era (NOT SURE IF RELEASED)

Mentioned on Myspace. Release is given as "31 Dec 2007". 

Features the song "Through Darkest Skies", a 1:34 sample of which was uploaded to Myspace. Apparently they [played this song live], (see [this video] too), the total song length being 6-7 minutes.

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages
1) Lyrics? 2) More info about "The Dawn of a New Era".
1) That logo with the sunset. Was it ever available in higher res? 2) "The Dawn of a New Era" artwork.


NOTE: Not to be confused with the record label of the same name, also run by Manny.

BAND NAME: Trinitas Sanctus
GENRE: Lo-fi Unblack Metal, Acoustic / Minimalist, Experimental
STATUS: Unknown
LOCATION: USA (Miami, Florida)

Formed in spring, 2011.
"In worship of the divine."

Note about the lineup:
It's a one-man project, but various nicknames and pseudonyms have been used, including:
"The Union"; "Thy Witnesses in Spiritual Sodom and Egypt"; and possibly some others

Manny Quiza (Lidande, Colden, etc) - All instruments, Vocals



Summer Rehersal (UNRELEASED, 2011)

Rehearsal, never released.

Ουράνιος λεηλατεί (demo, 2012, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
link expired

Recorded in July, 2012. "Limitation undisclosed".
"Only Spirit" was originally recorded under one of Manny's other projects, "The Evangelist".

1) I 23:25
2) II 23:45
3) Only Spirit 11:53 (bonus track)

The Harvest (album, 9 September, 2012, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) One 39:40

Your Life Is Mine (album, 31 October, 2012, Independent)
Format: Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

Tracks 2 and 4 are collaborations with "The Divine Suffering".

Written on the artwork:
"Written and recorded in the fall of 2012 by Manuel Christopher Quiza of Lidande"

1) Intro 1:08
2) Crown Me 12:01
3) Mystery 2:50
4) The Beautiful Jesus 8:44
5) Outro (Rise) 5:08

Mass Murdering Your Lives for Jesus Christ (EP, 26 November, 2012, Indestructible Disabled Veteran Records)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) Intro: The Beginning of the End 1:57
2) Astronominesatyro (Melt) 3:22
3) Off to Jerusalem 23:14
4) Deathpendant (Intrulude Die Islam) 3:17
5) Gone like Wind (Intrulude Die Islam II) 4:13
6) Like Wind (Intrulude III) 6:15
7) Repeat 8:20
8) Smitherings (Lost Souls) 5:10
9) Truly Armageddon 16:57
10) Die Satan 3:07

Desert Beauty (single, 3 January, 2013, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) Surrendless (Deserted) 15:47

Judas! (single, 6 February, 2013, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) Jesus Blood 9:00

West (demo, 3 April, 2013, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) Sufrir 22:15

The Resurrection (album, 24 July, 2013, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) The Resurrection 58:03


Desolations Ring (demo, 15 January, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) Desolations Ring 8:00

The Harvest II (album, 15 April, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) Lit 31:28

Proclamation (album, 22 April, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) If I May 17:35

.............. (demo, 24 April, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) You Are Not, You Are, You Are 19:53

Den Sunaikinimas από Иерусали (album, 28 April, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

aka "The Destruction of Jerusalem".

1) ת31:25 - תשע תשעה תשע

NooN (EP, 24 May, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) Pick 12:29
2) Dont Get Under My Skin 2:32
3) Your Welcome Here 3:07
4) Play It 8:30
5) Leave It Behind 17:04
6) It Will Never Happen Again 00:10
7) What About Me 10:21

Se llama la hermosa (single, 7 June, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

Antes fuiste nombrado 1:05

Пост Деатх (album, 20 June, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

1) In preporium aves les intorium 40:47

In (album, 5 July, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / Mediafire
Download (OFFICIAL)

1) The Slayer 27:15


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Updates from 10 Feb:
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Updates from 9 Feb:
Destroyer of Darkness: Fixed lineup info + fixed genre tag + added note about their formation date + added SLIGHTLY better logo and band photo + added the photos from that interview page + added track lengths to "Ao Vivo"

Also updated "Bands I'm Not Sure About" and "Blacklist" a bit.

Opus Majestic: Added basic info for their upcoming album + fixed some formatting

By the way, I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression recently. In fact, my whole family has been under a lot of emotional stress recently -- we are dealing with a lot of trials in life. If anyone reads these updates, could you pray for me, and my family? (This is Nocturnal Iridescence writing.) Thank you.


(logo not available)

BAND NAME: Postumus
GENRE: Death / Unblack Metal
STATUS: Changed name
(Split-up under new name, Clamatorius)
LOCATION: Brazil (Goiânia, Goiás)

1998 - 1999 Postumus
1999 - 2005 Clamatorius

Wulthus - Unknown
Murilo - Unknown
All other members joined, officially, after the name was changed to Clamatorius.

As far as I know, nothing was released under this name.

Below is an account of the band's history, apparently taken from their old Myspace page (before Myspace's format changed and their bio disappeared)

The text below is an abbreviated version, with only the most relevant/important details included. The entire biography can be read [here]. (Or [here] if that page disappears.)

[...] 1998 .. .. - Band originally formed under the name of Postumus. Earlier Breno (Wulthus) felt the direction of forming a band Death / Unblack extremely Christian Metal with lyrics along with his friend Murilo colleague classroom. With the difficulty of finding members who really identify with the band they had the support of some local church where musicians attended, including where was the test site. .... 

1999 .. .. - [...] Wulthus know Evander (Arcanun) Drummer Band Maximum Pentecost, both have in common faith in God and the taste for Unblack Metal and then starts an alliance between Postumus Bands and Maximum Pentecost. Wulthus and Murilo solve rename the band to CLAMATORIUS - "one who cries out to God" and the style becomes Unblack Metal with Doom passages. ...... 

2000 .. - So one nostalgic Show takes place in Goiania with Banda Antidemon, Clamatorius makes his first appearance. [...] Around 30 people convert to the Lord JESUS ​​CHRIST this Show. Including fan Krisiun drummer who later become the band Burial sarkikos - now extinct. [...] At an event in the Church Arcanum Maximum leave of pentecost and becomes integral CLAMATORIUS. Arcanum knows Igniferous in a Church event that he is a guitarist, talks about Clamatorius, he does not give a firm position, but agrees to go to meetings of the Band. [...] Murilo left the band for personal reasons and the other members lament the fact. Profeticus enters the band as bassist, but no remains and then enters Victor (Whulkan) on bass. [...]

2002 .. - Mid May Arcanun know Agada - keyboardist. [...] Agada has some difficulty keeping up with the band but everyone decides to believe in their potential ....... 

2003 .. - [...] Whultus and Arcanum comment about the need for a second guitar in order to give more weight to the sound. Begin to pray in this way . Starts recording the CD with 5 tracks. Whultus In an essay presents Marcus Arcanum, all the band feel a lot of potential in it. CLAMATORIUS begins to be cut by two guitars, all consent to this new training ....... 

2004 .. - [...] occurs the CD release Consummatum Est supported by the Magazine Extreme Brutal Death. 100 copies are distributed to all. [...]

2005 .. - Due to issues of attitude, opinion and wear of some of its members the CLAMATORIUS out of business. Wulthus goes to the Burial sarkikos. Arcanun goes to Banda Eschaton. [...]

2007 .. - Some members commented on EVENT BAND BACK ONE DAY. MAYBE as a studio band, with the goal of recording a CD as an answer to everyone who admired or admire the work of the band. And above all extol him who is holy, loyal, Fair and True: LORD YESHUA HAMASHIA. [...] Finally, thank you to pray for the return of this Horde and that they are sure that Christ can resurrect dreams. grandly GOD bless you all!