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I also probably won't be responding to emails for the next few days. I WILL GO THROUGH THEM AND MAKE UPDATES AS NECESSARY, just not right away.

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- Nocturnal

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.
- Deuteronomy 31:6

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? As it is written: ‘For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.’ No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord 
- Romans 8:35-39


 ^ Old logo ............. v New logo

BAND NAME: Mortuorium
GENRE: Death/Black Metal (early), Viking Metal (now)
STATUS: Active
LOCATION: Venezuela (Barquisimeto, Estado Lara)

Formed between 2001 and 2003.
Converted to Christianity in 2006.
More info on Denethor's journey and conversion can be read [here] (Spanish) or [here] (English).

mortuoriumband [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Denethor - Vocals, Bass
Sara Frozen - Vocals
Highlander - Guitars

Past members:
Anubis - Vocals (female/clean)
Legolas - Guitars (lead)
Goliath - Guitars
Wlatnaroth - Bass
Sorath Nergal - Bass
Linco Blood - Bass
Funebrius - Drums
Adriel Forest - Drums
Habucac - Drums
Thorberg - Drums

Official website
Old website @ archive.org
Myspace @ archive.org


Miscellaneous songs released online:
- Sellados por la maldad 5:46 [ReverbNation]
- Fire Throne (mentioned [here], further info unknown)
- Victory over Satan (further info unknown)
- Charcos de sangre (mentioned [here], not sure if this is related to "Drops of Blood"?)

Bautizado por la sangre (NOT SURE IF RELEASED)

Not sure if this was ever completed / officially released. For the record, the song "Almas putrefactas" was also available for download from Christian Xtreme Metal, with an old band photo instead of the above artwork. Two songs from this (EP?) were completed and once available for download:

1) Almas putrefactas
2) Bautizado por la sangre


The Debasting Abomination (single, NOT SURE IF RELEASED)

Mentioned [here]. No further info available.

1) The Debasting Abomination

La ultima trompeta (single, 20 September, 2012, Metal Eternal Producciónes)
Format: Digital / SoundCloud

1) La ultima trompeta 4:15

Life After Death (single, 27 March, 2014, Independent)
Format: Digital / SoundCloud

1) Life After Death 3:36

King of Vikings (single, 7 January, 2017, Independent)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

1) King of Vikings 6:16

This artwork has been resized.
To view the original 2021x2021 res, click [here].

Die to Reborn (EP)

Left: 4 April, 2017, Independent, CD
Right: 1 June, 2018, Warriors Records, CD

1) Riders of Vikings

2) Drops of Blood
track length unknown

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages, UncertainInfo
1) Missing track lengths and lyrics. 2) Any more music from before 2017? There's not a lot of documentation about this band online. 3) When did this band form? Some places say 2003. Others say winter, 2001. 4) Anyone have more info on the miscellaneous songs?

Images that could use better res/quality:
Any of the images from before 2017. Also, does anyone have a clearer band logo?


BAND NAME: Sword of His Mouth
GENRE: Raw Unblack Metal*
STATUS: Active

*Note: Genre is subject to change. I'm still not 100% sure where I want to take this project yet. It'll be centralized around black metal, anyway, but I'm considering some noise and ambient, too.

"Formed" near the end of 2015. Only did stuff with it now (2018).
All music for this project (for the foreseeable future) will be recorded on a cellphone.
My recorder is broken and until I can fix it or get a new one, I'll be working on this.

Nocturnal Iridescence - All instruments, Vocals


Reh. Demo (10 September, 2018, Independent)
Format: Digital / Bandcamp
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

Rehearsal demo.
I decided not to add the lyrics. I can't even understand half the lyrics anymore (I improvised them) and they're just... not that good. The idea of the lyrics is a wolf reflecting on its surroundings in winter, and criticizing the evil it finds in the world built by mankind.

1) I (intro / instrumental) 1:27
2) II 5:49
3) III 6:44
4) IV 10:21
5) V (outro / instrumental) 4:28
NotOnMA, ArtistConfirmed


BAND NAME: Morbus Mundi
GENRE: NSBM (early), Experimental Noise (later)
STATUS: Unknown
LOCATION: Russia (Tver)

Began as an anti-Christian NS musician, but has now denounced these views and converted to Orthodox Christianity.

Formed in 2000. Stopped releasing music between 2006 and 2014; appeared on a few compilations in that time, but I'm not sure if the project was actually "active" during those years? Released a few more things between 2015-2016. Current status unknown. (Boreas has released several things under his other Christian project names in the meantime.)

Boreas Meru - All instruments, Vocals


Non-Christian music:
Elite, demo, 2003
Vergeltungswaffe, demo, 2003
Elite II, album, 2004
Elite / Demo' 7512, split, 2004
Endlosung / Morbus Mundi, split, 2004
Eisigwald / Morbus Mundi, split, 2005

No Muslim Immigrants Anymore (single/EP, 26 August, 2015, Cvlminis)
Formats: CD-R (slim case / 20 copies) and Bandcamp
CD: link ???
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)
The release is called "No Muslim Immigrants Anymore", but according to Cvlminis, the song itself is untitled.
1) Untitled 16:35

My Soul... The Temple Destroyed (2015 A.D.) (single/EP)

26 August, 2015, Cvlminis, CD-R, limited 20 copies
26 August, 2015, Cvlminis, Bandcamp
19 April, 2016, Sector Psychocontrolya, Bandcamp

Although released on the same day, this was actually released slightly after the "No Muslim Immigrants.." release. Thus, it's technically later in the band's discography!

1) My Soul... The Temple Destroyed 24:20

No Satanist, No Hitlerist, No Misanthrope, No Paganist, No Buddhist, No Heretic (album, 30 April, 2016, Cvlminis)
Formats: 2 CD-Rs (limited 40 copies) and Bandcamp
 CD: link ???
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)
CD-R 1
1) No Misanthrope, No Paganist 1:02:27

CD-R 2
2) No Satanist, No Hitlerist 22:34
3) No Buddhist, No Heretic 18:34

I'm Slav, Hail Christ! (single/EP, 30 April, 2016, Cvlminis)
Formats: CD-R (slim-case / 30 copies) and Bandcamp
CD: link ???
Stream / Download (OFFICIAL)

1) I'm Slav, Hail Christ!
22:45, lyrics unknown

1) Anyone have the lyrics for these new songs? (The ones that aren't instrumental, obviously.) 2) Anyone have more info about the years this project was active? 3) I'm not 100% sure about "when" this project became Christian. It was somewhere around 2015, anyway. Are all of the releases here Christian? Are there any additional Christian songs that aren't mentioned here? 4) Does anyone have the official statement released by Boreas confirming Morbus Mundi's change in beliefs?


BAND NAME: Sheva`Ruach (Sheva'Ruach, Sheva’Ruach)
GENRE: Symphonic Unblack Metal
STATUS: Split-up
LOCATION: Brazil (São Paulo, São Paulo)
Formed in 2005.

Anna Silva - Vocals
Glace - Guitars
Priscila - Bass
Karla Silva - Keyboards
Renata - Drums

Past members:
Geovaney (Testimony, Thunder's of Lord) - Drums
?? - Violin



Released the song "Sete Tochas" / "Seven Torches". Further discography unknown.

IncompletePage, NotOnMA


GENRE: Unblack Metal
STATUS: Active

Appears to have formed in August, 2018.

The band name is taken from the Hebrew word הָ֫בֶל ("hevel"), used in Ecclesiastes to refer to vanity.
ie, "Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity." -- Ecclesiastes 1:2

Chaz Stuckas - All instruments, Vocals



None yet.
Two samples of songs called "Hevel" and "Chambers of Death".

I can't find much about this project yet. Anyone just generally have more info about it?


BAND NAME: Stronghold
GENRE: Unblack Metal with Death Metal Influences
STATUS: Unknown
LOCATION: Norway (Hunndalen)

Formed in the mid 90s with Eirik and Erlend, playing cover songs. Started doing their own music shortly afterward, though because of various circumstances, Eirik recorded the first two releases by himself.

Last-known contact:
stronghold [AT] lyse [DOT] net

Eirik Hellem Bř - Vocals, Guitars
Erlend Trengereid - Guitars
Cato Gulaker - Drums

Past members:
Kristian - Bass
Stian Fjelde - Drums
Øyvind (Implacable) - Drums
Also used a drum machine in the early days that they named "Roland"



Note: Metal Archives notes that Stronghold also released demos in 1997 and 1999. These demos are not mentioned on Stronghold's website at all, and are likely not actual releases.

Stronghold / Demo (demo)

1998, Independent, CD-R
11 November, 2008, Independent, Digital, link expired

For reference, the 2008 digital version was released on their website as mentioned [here].

1) The Day of the Lord 4:17
2) Lament 6:01
3) Praise 5:56

Prayers from a Yearning Heart (EP, August, 2000, Nordic Mission)
Format: CD

Guest appearances:
Kjartan Vestvik - Synthesizers

1) Prayer of the Yearning 5:20
2) Praise 4:51
3) Tears 5:51
4) Lament 6:04
5) In Strongest Arms 13:39

Cult of Remorse (album, 10 December, 2007, Independent)
Format: CD

1) And Venus Smote the Heart of the Heavens 8:09
2) Cult of Remorse 8:25
3) Intermezzo 2:03
4) En orken av roser 5:34
5) Chronos 7:58
6) Hybrid 6:31
7) Purgatory 5:45

IncompletePage, CouldUseBetterImages
Could use better versions of: 1) 1998 demo. 2) Prayers from a Yearning Heart

Also, some miscellaneous stuff:


BAND NAME: Morgenstern
GENRE: Unblack / "Dark/Doom" / ???
STATUS: Unknown
LOCATION: Brazil (Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais)

Formed in either 2002 or 2003 as Anno Domini
After most of the band members left, they changed their name.

Note: The band's name is Morgenstern, but in their email and website name, these spellings also appear:
- Morgenster
- Morgensters

Last-known contact:
morgenster_extreme [AT] yahoo [DOT] com [DOT] br

Zucoloto - Vocals
Moko - Vocals
André (Anno Domini) - Guitars
Irã - Guitars
Anderson - Bass
Raissa (Anno Domini) - Keyboards
Vinicios - Drums

Neither one has a lot of info on it, it seems. Most of the pages don't work.


Title unknown (demo, UNRELEASED)

Planned to be released around 2004, but ultimately wasn't, for some reason.


Shadow of Spirits (demo, 2005, label unknown)
Format: CD

Tracklist unknown -- although this one WAS apparently released.

I see this band is marked on MA as "Doom/Gothic Metal". Does anyone have any audio for this band? Are they actually "black" metal?

 Also: Played at 1º Agosto Negro Metal Festival 2005

Heer Zwaardvader / Heidendoder (NON-METAL)

Basically a page for all the non-metal stuff on the "Pulp CeeDee" compilation. I don't actually know if these guys had any other non-metal projects?...
BAND NAME: 666 + 111 = 777
 GENRE: Some kind of rock?
BAND NAME: Zwaardvader and Heidendoder 
GENRE: Some kind of ... folk?
BAND NAME: Machine of Saviours 
GENRE: Noise /... metal /... rock /... something.

SneeuwStorm Produkties presenteert: Kruistocht door de Storm - het tweede deel (Compilation)

A compilation of Christian and secular artists.

2004, SneeuwStorm Produkties, CD-R
13 March, 2015, Nokternal Hemizphear, Bandcamp

11) 666 + 111 = 777 - The Good News 3:46

De Pulp CeeDee (compilation)

2005, SneeuwStorm Produkties, CD
12 March, 2015, Nokternal Hemizphear, Bandcamp

3) 666+111=777 - Fast, Heavy, Joy!!! 3:30
4) 666+111=777 - The Good News 3:46
5) 666+111=777 - Dreaming About the Future 3:26
6) 666+111=777 - 777 Rock N Roll 3:35
10) Machine of Saviours - The Blasphemy of a Pale Horse 5:16
13) Zwaardvader and Heidendoder - Even Aan M'H Moeder Vragen 3:12

IncompletePage, NotOnMA
A lot of info on these odd SneeuwStorm bands is missing. Any info is appreciated!

BAGGERABRIEK (Heidendoder's Baggerabriek)

Not to be confused with another SneeuwStorm band, "Baggerfall".
(logo not available)

BAND NAME: Baggerabriek
GENRE: Raw Unblack with Ambient Elements
STATUS: Unknown
LOCATION: Netherlands

Heer Zwaardvader - Unknown
Heidendoder - Unknown

Confirmed Christian:
"We understand that not all titles on the SneeuwStorm Produkties label were considered a Christian release in its entirety, however, some where. This sampler consists of only Christian bands"[1]


De Pulp CeeDee (compilation)

2005, SneeuwStorm Produkties, CD
12 March, 2015, Nokternal Hemizphear, Bandcamp

7) Heidendoder's Baggerabriek - Surrounded by Evil Forces 4:07

IncompletePage, NotOnMA
A lot of info on these odd SneeuwStorm bands is missing. Any info is appreciated!


(logo not available)

BAND NAME: The August Failure
GENRE: I don't know... Raw unblack with... rock... elements?...
STATUS: Unknown
LOCATION: Netherlands

Heer Zwaardvader - Unknown
Heidendoder - Unknown

Confirmed Christian:
"We understand that not all titles on the SneeuwStorm Produkties label were considered a Christian release in its entirety, however, some where. This sampler consists of only Christian bands"[1]


De Pulp CeeDee (compilation)

2005, SneeuwStorm Produkties, CD
12 March, 2015, Nokternal Hemizphear, Bandcamp

14) The August Failure - This Song I Promised You 2:58

IncompletePage, NotOnMA
A lot of info on these odd SneeuwStorm bands is missing. Any info is appreciated!